We’re changing!

As you might’ve noticed from 30th, December, 2018 we’ve changed the design of the main page.


Before it looked like this:


So why is the sudden change you may ask?

  • it’s not very convenient to select an exchange direction in old table-based layout if the exchange pair is located at the bottom of the page
  • the old table-based layout was becoming bigger and bigger once we started to add more and more cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • we’ve wanted to refresh the website look, improve your confidence in ALFAcashier by adding customer reviews on the main page, statistics, improve load times of the website

What we achieved with the new redesign of ALFAcashier?

  1. The general idea of the redesign was to make ALFAcashier more comfortable and easy to use.
  2. We’ve optimized the main page load time on all devices (especially mobile devices) - main page loading is twice as fast
  3. Main page size also has been optimized: now it’s approximately 5 times less than older main page size was.
  4. If the exchange direction is temporarily unavailable you can subscribe to it by clicking the button “select to subscribe:


  5. You can easily filter currency by typing part of it into the search field and see all available reserves when you select destination currency:


  6. The currency rates block also got a new look - it looks like a trading ticker on the exchange: currency rates block consumes less space, you can scroll the block by dragging it with your mouse or click on the slider button. 


  7. New Statistics block shows some service statistics:
  • 24 hour exchange statistics
  • Registered Users
  • ​Recent Transactions


       ​8. We made Customer Reviews block more noticeable and sightly. To view all customer reviews click here.


       9.We’ve removed the News block as this block was cluttering the old page, there is no plan yet for it to return, but we might reconsider.



  • new main page became significantly more informative 
  • new main page inspire more confidence to the potential customers
  • new main page loads much more faster than before
  • it’s only first of many big steps towards new ALFAcashier look and redesign, stay tuned we have more to uncover!

We’d love to hear your feedback about new redesign what you liked and what you didn’t like, please submit your feedback via support ticket!

Always at your service,
ALFAcashier team.

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