New feature: CashAddr Bitcoin Cash address format support

New feature: CashAddr Bitcoin Cash address format support

On 14th of January Bitcoin Cash community introduced support for new address format called CashAddr.

CashAddr is a new address format intended to avoid confusion with Bitcoin addresses and to help users to distinguish two different networks.
Example of CashAddr new address format: bitcoincash:qq4kgqam6psrf83fhzd0z0drylm5as8vcuvqkka2vn

You can use new address format with a prefix bitcoincash: or without it, e.g. just qq4kgqam6psrf83fhzd0z0drylm5as8vcuvqkka2vn.
Also support for old legacy Bitcoin-like addresses is still there to maintain compatibility with old systems.

However, it's recommended to update your Bitcoin Cash client to the latest version, e.g. for ElectronCash 3.1.2
To convert your old legacy address to the new CashAddr format you can use THIS TOOL.

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