Introducing the new VIP level in the Partner program

The new VIP level addresses the needs of the most active affiliate partners who run popular blogs, forums and websites, and have generated at least 1200 dollars in affiliate earnings so far. The new VIP level offers affiliates as much as 20% of all future referred currency conversions, which is an unprecedented offer on the market of online currency exchange. The status is non-revocable and granted for a lifetime. For your convenience, we created a comprehensive set of banners of different formats that can be easily added to any webpage or your personal signature block on a forum. The VIP status in our affiliate program enables you to generate stable passive income by referring new users to the system and promoting our services. All affiliate status updates are fully automated and are effected by the system when the user reaches a predefined threshold, so you do not have to worry about leveling up in time. In case you have questions related to our affiliate program, please contact our support team.

Sincerely yours,
ALFAcashier team

VIP level in the Partner program

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