Cryptocurrency Rates: track Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange rates

ALFAcashier adds a valuable feature to its website – a live crypto-currency ticker for Bitcoin, Litecoin and a number of world currencies.

The tool was created to make it easier for users to stay informed about the current situation on the highly volatile and dynamic market of cryptocurrencies. Based on ALFAcashier’s own financial data monitoring function, the ticker updates every minute to reflect the latest changes in conversion rates for BTC and LTC to Euros (EUR), US dollars (USD) and other major world currencies. For our users’ convenience, we also implemented an exchange rate history chart to help them quickly pull up historical data for the past month to assess past and current trends on the market. Data for a particular date can be viewed by pointing the mouse cursor at a corresponding point on a chart. We hope that this feature will become a valuable addition to our service and will help our users make educated currency conversion decisions.

The ALFAcashier exchange rate ticker is located at the following address:
Cryptocurrency Rates

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ALFAcashier team

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