ALFAcashier now supports NEM and Zcash!

ALFAcashier now supports NEM and Zcash!

We are constantly improve the quality of the services provided by ALFAcashier, and do everything possible to increase the number of supported currency pairs.

Today we're pleased to announce that ALFAcashier now supports NEM and Zcash.

In addition, NEM Namespace support has been implemented.
NEM Namespace is a short alias for an address, similar to the nickname or internet domain name.
That means that you can use your own unique NEM Namespace identifier instead of the address when you buy NEM on ALFAcashier.
For example: farmer (namespace) or farmer.potato (sub-namespace).
You can learn more about NEM Namespace HERE.

Our service provides instant exchanges - buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies in one place and with a profitable rate on ALFAcashier!
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Sell Zcash:
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Please feel free to submit your requests for adding more currencies and questions to our support service here:
Always at your service.

Regards, ​
​ALFAcashier team.

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