ALFAcashier Launches Merchant Feature On Its Service

New feature! Average time of the exchange.

ALFAcashier has recently launched a new feature for merchants. It provides a quick and easy way to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for business.

The new feature offers the fast and easy way to generate invoices and details for payment. Service allows to pay for the services with cryptocurrency, and the merchant will receive the funds by desired payment system. ALFAcashier provides protection against the fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. With this new merchant feature you can expand your customer base by offering new payment methods on your site.

How it works.

You choose payment system for payments template and fill in the details. Then create an invoice and send it to your customer. After your customer pays you will get payment to your wallet immediately. That’s all!

We are working hard to make sure that whenever you come to ALFAcashier, you can be confident that we will offer the most competitive rates and a decent reserve for each currency.

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