What is the HOLD order status?

If your order is in the "Hold" status - that means that there is a temporary withholding of funds for the additional security check to rule out any suspicious operations or fraud attempts. Please note: this rule only applies for your first order. If you have completed orders (paid from the same account as your new order) before - there won't be any hold at all and your order will be completed instantly.

Hold status is assigned only on certain exchange directions:

  • Yandex.Money → Any exchange direction - up to 12 hours hold period
  • Bank transfer → Any exchange direction - up to 72 hours hold period

Because your payment isn't received and delayed for additional check - the exchange rate will be updated after the hold period expires. If you do not wish to wait you can contact our support and we'll issue a refund to your address

Here is an example of the warning you get when you place your order on any of the above-mentioned exchange directions:


The hold period depends on exchange direction and varies from 12 hours to 72 hours. If your order is not processed after 72 hours, please contact our Support Service.

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