How long does the exchange rate remain valid? Why exchange rate has been recalculated? What is volatility?

During each exchange, you get detailed information about your order:


For your convenience, ALFAcashier fixes the exchange rate for 15 minutes. It means if you send the funds within 15 minutes and the transaction goes into the network, the exchange rate remains the same, even if your transaction "gets stuck". Althrough the maximum time is 24 hours for all unconfirmed transactions. If your transaction isn't confirmed in 24 hours - rate will be updated as well.

So, there are 2 rules:

  1. payment should be sent within 15 minutes after you've created a new order
  2. unconfirmed transaction(s) should be confirmed within 24 hours or less
If you do follow these 2 simple rules - exchange rate of your order won't be updated, otherwise the exchange rate will be recalculated at the time when we do receive your payment or when transaction gets confirmed.

The term "volatility" means how quickly and to what degree the price of a particular asset changes over time.

We hope you will enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our service.
ALFAcashier team.

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