How do I make an exchange order? What is Payment ID (Monero), Destination Tag (XRP), Message (NEM), Memo (Stellar/EOS)?

To make a new exchange order:

  1. Select appropriate exchange direction of the exchange at the home page Alfacash
  2. Click green button exchange
  3. Fill necessary details, your wallet address and other information
  4. Pay for your order on the next page (either copy the address and relevant details, e.g. Payment ID, Destination Tag, Message or Memo depending on the cryptocurrency you do exchange or click on the green button 'pay' if you have local client installed for that source cryptocurrency)
  5. For cryptocurrency you'd need to wait when your transaction gets confirmed
  6. Receive your exchanged money to the wallet address and details you've specified earlier
  7. Leave positive feedback about your exchange experience here -

We hope you will enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our service.
​Alfacash team. 

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